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A friend had recommended Sam to me when my therapist went out on maternity leave. I never received massage from a male therapist and was very reluctant at first. When I met with him I told him my concerns and he reassured me the draping would be secure at all times and asked me what my expectations were with the massage session. 5 minutes into the massage I was completely relaxed. I will be back to see Sam again very soon!

Jamie P.


My wife and I have had Sam coming to our house to massage us for over a year now. We travel a lot and receive massage everywhere we go while on vacation. I have to say that Sam's massages are always one of the best we have experienced through our travels.

Steven D.


Sam's massage therapy is unique.  He tailors the treatment to each client.  His skill at determining the level of touch to use is only matched by his deep knowledge of physiology and the inter-relation of certain parts of the body to others.  He offers options when you get treatment in his studio (which is very peaceful and serene), but he is more than willing to travel to a client. The use of stretching is something Sam has incorporated into my massages recently and it has been a great help in furthering my flexibility.  Sam is a good communicator and listener, and always asks if there is any area to pay particular attention to or to avoid.  Massage is a good part of a balanced wellness program for many, I would recommend adding Sam's treatment to yours, it will work wonders!   cb


I have been getting massage therapy from Sam for over a year now his easy going personality, professionalism and his ability to listen to my needs makes Sam the best therapist I have found. I spend many hours behind the wheel of an SUV traveling the Mid Atlantic area for work  and Sam has been been helpful relieving the stress and strains my body experiences during a week. I enjoy the comfort and tranquility of Sam's studio but when I need Sam to travel to my home Sam is always responsive and accommodating.    It has taken me a long time to find a therapist that is intuitive, not repetitive in technique and has the knowledge of Physiology Sam possess.   RH   


I have been an avid runner for the past 15 years. Lower back and hip pain has prevented me from participating in marathons for the past 2 years. I've been to several specialists, chiropractors, and receive massage on a regular basis. Doctors prescribe medication and tell me to stop running for awhile. Although medication does relieve some of the pain, I find it effects my stamina and the pain always returns twofold. I recently came across Sam's website and saw that he too was an athlete and a personal trainer so I felt he understood how important training was to me.
My initial visit with Sam left me very hopeful. He performed a very detailed postural assessment and helped me understand why I could be experiencing pain while running. I recieved a copy of the assessment and a treatment plan which included stretched to do at home. I have had 3 sessions with Sam and have been doing the exercises he adviced at home. Pain has significantly decreased and I am feeling very hopeful about being able to participate in an upcoming marathon. Thank you so much Sam!!! Ashley

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