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Modalities and Rates

60 Minute Treatment_____________$65.00
75 Minute Treatment_____________$75.00
90 Minute Treatment_____________$90.00
120 Minute Treatment___________$130.00


Each session is designed to help reduce muscle tightness, release fascial restrictions, increase range of motion and decrease pain. Different techniques are used to achieve these results. Techniques include: Myofascial Release Massage, Deep Tissue Work, Trigger Point Therapy, Compression, Active and Passive Stretching, Cupping and Hot Stone.

Description of techniques:

Myofascial Release Massage: "Myofascial tissue is continuous and omnipresent in the body. It interweaves and wraps muscles, and every division of tissue within the muscle. By weight, 40% of a muscle is actually fascial tissue.

Where there is chronic or acute pain, limited or difficult range of motion, ongoing stress and tension, there is almost always myofascial tissue which needs to be released and relaxed."

How does MRM Work?

Fascial tissue is a white membrane which wraps all muscles, all muscles bundles, muscle fascicles, and even every muscle fiber. It is perhaps no exaggeration to say that there is almost as much fascial tissue in a muscle as there are muscle fibers.

Modern medical science, however, has largely ignored fascial tissue in the body, not understanding (or at least appreciating) the important role it plays in bodily health.

It serves many functions, but for a therapist its function as a lubricant is most important. It allows everything it wraps, from muscles to muscles fibers, to slide over whatever is next to it.

Fascia Tissue Can Become Inelastic

Over time, however, for reasons of physical and emotional trauma, habit patterns, disease, and the desiccation of tissue that can accompany the aging process, fascial tissue can get hard, rigid, short, gluey, and inelastic.

In short, fascial tissue will change from a lubricant to an adhesive. This binding up of fascial tissue causes a great deal of what the patient experiences as stress, tension, and pain, and loss of ease and range of motion

     Howard Rontal

Deep Tissue Massage: Deep Tissue techniques can include the use of hands, elbows, and knees to manipulation both the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibit motor-neuron excitability.

Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) is a form of soft tissue manual therapy. It is distinguished from other types of massage in that a quasi-static pressure is applied to the skin with the aim of stimulating specific areas of musculoskeletal system. Often these areas of muscle are myofascial trigger points. NMT is a comprehensive program of soft tissue manipulation techniques that balance the central nervous system (brain, spinal column and nerves) with the structure and form of the musculoskeletal system. NMT is based on neurological laws that explain how the central nervous system maintains homeostatic balance.

Trigger Point Therapy is a technique in which the therapist will apply pressure to specific tender points in the muscle tissue that can refer pain to other areas of the body. The purpose of trigger point therapy is to help eleviate pain and to re-educate the muscles into pain-free habits.

PNF Stretching is a stretching techique which increases both active and passive range of motion, optimizes motor performance, and decreases compensatory movement patterns.

Compression spreads and applies pressure to deep muscle tissue, forcing it to relax, while the rocking motion loosens spinal joints.

Cupping creates a vacuum which causes the skin to rise and redden as the blood vessels expand,increasing blood flow which can promote healing and help break up adhesions around the injured area. The cups are generally left in place for 1- 3 minutes or moved around on skin for a massage-like effect.

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